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Professional On-site Hearing Care Services

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Our Services

We provide all our services at the place of your convenience. It could be your home, office, place of worship or even hospitals.

Hearing Aid (Fine Tuning)

The Hearing Aids you are wearing will required regular fine tuning to meet the changing hearing level and challenging environment you place them under. Making the right adjustments in the RIGHT environment is going to help you tremendously...more

Pure Tone Audiometry (Hearing Test)

It is advisable to have your hearing tested annually to detect any hearing loss early. Getting the right solution for your hearing loss as early as possible gives you higher chance of hearing better for a longer period of time... more

Industrial Audiometry (Hearing Screening)

Under Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Workplace Safety and Health Guidelines (Medical Examinations) Regulations states that all persons exposed to excessive noise are required to undergo pre-placement and periodic medical examinations. These examinations include an audiometric test...more