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Hearing Aid

In recent years it has became a norm to visit the nearest optometrician when someone suffers from short/long-sightedness, get a pair of glasses and life goes on with no disruptions.

Did you know, it is actually the same with hearing loss?

Everyone with hearing loss can visit their audiometrician to get prescribe with a pair of hearing aid. Hearing aid todays come in many different styles and designs suitable for wearers of all age and lifestyles.



A compact standard-built device. Sturdy and durable. Able to produce high power for those who need. Always a trustworthy device to have around to provide for your hearing needs.



A discreet mini device with the receiver placed within the ear canal. Most popular among wearers nowadays. Able to adapt to a wide range of hearing loss.



Custom moulded hearing aid made specially for each individual. No 2 ear are shaped the same, having a custom mould ensure good fit and solid sound. Comes in 3 different size to cater to different hearing loss levels.

Call Us Now to schedule an appointment to understand your hearing level and find a suitable design for your lifestyle.

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