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There's nothing like the sound of Paradise

Phonak Audeo

The right solution for you

  • Phonak Check Icon Crisp natural sound

  • Phonak Check Icon Brilliant speech understanding

  • Phonak Check Icon Personalized noise cancelling

  • Phonak Check Icon Voice assistant with a tap

  • Phonak Check Icon Connects to smartphones, TV and more

  • Phonak Check Icon Empowering smart apps

A world of discrete, personalized comfort

The best hearing aids should help you to:

  • Communicate easily and comfortably, wherever you might be, is the key to being yourself. Phonak hearing innovations are the result of in-depth consumer understanding -- insights gained by listening to hearing aid wearers and hearing care professionals around the world.

  • Focus on speech understanding, while providing comfort and ease-of-use as well as tailored to give you the listening experience you desire.

  • Move seamlessly from one listening situation to another, be it at home, in the office, on the sports field or in social settings

  • Stay connected throughout your day. Your hearing aids need to have the ability to send speech signals from one hearing aid to the other, so you hear phone calls and speech in loud noise with both ears.

Simplifying life with a brilliant solution

Having the freedom to go wherever you like, without restrictions associated with hearing loss, is important to a fulfilling life. This is the key focus of Phonak hearing aids and accessories.

The vast types of hearing devices, will simplify life, both automatically and effortlessly, while providing you with an exceptional hearing experience, everywhere, every time!

Well-Hearing is Well-Being

The Phonak Paradise products are specifically designed to support people with hearing loss and the unique challenges which they face.

 As hearing well is strongly related to a person's well-being, and noticeably improves elements of physical, cognitive, emotional and social life. The Phonak Paradise product fits the call of every hearing aid user to the core.

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