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Industrial Audiometry

Industrial Audiometry

Audiometric examinations are an important part of the HCP as employees with mild hearing

loss can be identified. The symptoms of NID do not manifest till a significant threshold shift

has occurred. Such early detection of hearing loss will provide the opportunity for immediate

measures to be taken to prevent further deterioration. The results of the audiometric

examinations can also be used to check if hearing protectors have been worn by the exposed subjects.

Some of the regulations relevant to the HCP are as follows:

• Pre-placement check-up for employees exposed to excessive noise: Employees exposed

to excessive noise must be medically examined by a DWD and certified fit for work in the

occupation before or within three months of commencement of work. 

• Periodic medical check-up for employees exposed to excessive noise: Annual audiometric examinations must be conducted for all persons exposed to excessive noise.

• The audiometric examination has to be conducted by a person who has undergone a

training course acceptable to the Commissioner for WSH. 

• All examinations shall be arranged by the employer at his expense:

i. The employer is to grant paid leave of absence to that person required to undergo such

medical examinations;

ii. The employer is to keep the report of every medical examination of each person

exposed to excessive noise for a period of at least five years from the date of the

medical examination; and

iii. The results of the examinations are to be summarised in the “Summary Report of

Examinations” and submitted to the Commissioner for WSH annually.

• The employer has to keep a record of persons who are or have been exposed to excessive

noise in the last five years.

• The occupier of the factory shall permit the DWD to inspect the premises of the workplace

and any process or work that the person being examined by the DWD is to be employed in.

At AudioLocket, we make the mandatory process a whole lot easier and efficient for you by doing it at your premises! We believe that as much as safety is important, it should not increase the down time for your production, for that, we provide the service right at your premises. All we need is a room that is reasonably quiet (e.g conference room) and we will get it going. Time spent for each personnel will be about 5-10 mins. Air Conduction test & Bone Conduction test will be done for each individual and will come together with the official WSH form and a report.

You will then send the report to your DFD (Designated Factory Doctor) for counter-signing, let our friendly staff know if you do not have a DFD and we can recommend some to you.

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HCP - Hearing Conservation Programme

NID - Noise Induced Deafness

source - Ministry Of Manpower; Workplace Safety & Health (Medical Examinations)

Your workers are required to undergo regular medical examinations if they are exposed to any of these occupational hazards:

  • Arsenic or any of its compounds

  • Asbestos

  • Benzene

  • Bitumen

  • Cadmium or any of its compounds

  • Compressed air environment

  • Creosote

  • Excessive noise

  • Lead or any of its compounds

  • Manganese or any of its compounds

  • Mercury or any of its compounds

  • Organophosphates

  • Perchloroethylene

  • Pitch

  • Raw cotton

  • Silica

  • Tar

  • Trichloroethylene

  • Vinyl chloride monomer

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