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About Us

Who We Are

AudioLocket is a hearing care organisation by Professional Audiometrician. The organisation is aspired to promote hearing health to the community and bring back whats important into each individual's life. It believes that everyone deserves to hear well, physiologically and emotionally. 

The logo of AudioLocket is made up of the initials of the Organisation. It is made to look like a butterfly as we believe, sounds should be just as beautiful. The red colour symbolises the vibrant sound , trust and relationship with our customers, something we at AudioLocket holds very dearly onto.

At AudioLocket, we understands every customers needs and wants before recommending suitable services and products. We make sure your convenience and confidentiality is placed above ours and that you will always receive the most professional service available. 

Our Mission :

"providing personal & affordable hearing services to people from all walks of life."

Our Vision:

"to be the most recognisable hearing care company in the region"

Blindness separates people from things; deafness separates people from people

- Helen Keller

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