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Hearing Loss

What is hearing loss?

Hearing loss generally develops slowly over many years; the effects become apparent only gradually. This makes it difficult for those affected to recognize that they are actually suffering from a hearing impairment. Relatives, friends or colleagues are often the first to realize that something is wrong. It is not only older people who experience hearing difficulties. Young people can also be hearing impaired due to any number of factors, including childhood illnesses or too much exposure to loud noise or music. The truth is, people of all ages may be experiencing untreated hearing loss. With many different treatments options available, there is little reason to avoid taking action .  

Types of hearing loss (youtube - Hearit Aisbl)

Levels of hearing loss.

Your hearing is measured in a scale of decibels (dB) compared to ‘normal’ hearing.

  • Normal hearing (<25dB HL)

  • Mild (26-40dB HL) You have trouble hearing or understanding soft speech and whispers, or speech over background noise

  • Moderate (41-70 dB HL) You have trouble hearing or understanding regular speech up close or regular speech in a quiet office environment

  • Severe (71-90 dB HL) You can only hear loud sounds such as very loud speech, sirens or a door slamming

  • Profound (90+ dB HL) You have trouble hearing sounds such as a motorbike or power tools

What can you do?

Delaying tough decisions is a natural reaction, but confronting hearing loss quickly will make it easier to deal with. The longer you leave it, the harder it is for your brain to comprehend certain sounds because it no longer hears them every day.

A hearing aid prevents this deterioration of your ability to relearn to interpret sounds.

No two people’s hearing needs or wishes are the same. But one thing we all have in common: We’re happy that the days of large, clumsy-looking beige hearing aids are far behind us. Today’s hearing aids are as small, comfortable and attractive as they are powerful and they have limited impact on your appearance. In fact, most people won’t even notice that you’re wearing one. 

Find out more about the types and styles of hearing aid now.

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