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Hearing Test

It is advisable to have your hearing tested annually to detect any hearing loss early. Getting the right solution for your hearing loss as early as possible gives you higher chance of hearing better for a longer period of time.

Hearing Test determines the Hearing Level you have by measuring your ability to hear sounds that reach the inner ear through the ear canal (air-conducted sounds) and sounds transmitted through the skull (bone-conducted sounds) with Pure Tones. It is non-invasive and painless.

Most people find it a hassle to look for a Hearing Care clinic and worries about their endless sales pitch! At AudioLocket, the Audiometricians are committed to provide you with the knowledge of your hearing ability and offer recommendations only when requested. 

If you worry about being seen in a Hearing Care shop by your peers, we also provide you the secrecy by doing the test at your most convenient location, our Audiometricians will make onsite assessment to determine whether a Hearing Test is possible before conducting the test.

Contact us now to make an appointment and get started on your hearing health! 

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