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About Us

A hearing care organisation by Professionals Audiometricians. The organisation is aspired to promote hearing health to the community and bring back whats important into each individual's life. It believes that everyone deserves to hear well, physiologically and emotionally.

Our Services

Hearing Aid (Fine Tuning)

The Hearing Aids you are wearing will required regular fine tuning..

Pure Tone Audiometry (Hearing Test)

... have your hearing tested annually ...

Industrial Audiometry (Hearing Screening)

Under Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Workplace Safety and Health Guidelines...

Hearing Aid

We provide the best products to complement our best services to our most respected customers. We hold more than one brand of hearing aid to ensure there is no brand biasness and that our customers gets the best value for money...

What our satisfied customers think of us...

- MIRACLE!! Deaf Boy Hears Father's Voice For the First Time -

- Preferred Service Partner of

My Ear hearing aid
first aid supplies
Soong Choon Optics

- Distributer of

Signia Hearing aid
Phonak hearing aid
ReSpund hearing aid
Hansaton hearing aid
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